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Pupil Responsibilities

At Globe we are a happy community and it is vital that children play a genuine and active role in shaping and supporting our school community.

There are a lot of jobs to do at Globe to keep everything running smoothly, so the children are very busy!

Just like the world of work, if you want a job, you have to apply for it, be interviewed for it and convince the interview panel that you are the right person for the job. Of course you then have to do the job to the very best of your abilities, being conscientious, hard-working and committed.     

Find out about the responsibilities children have this year and who got the jobs.

Globe Guides

Say hello to our Globe Guides, always ready to welcome visitors. They are responsible for showing visitors around the school and providing them with background information to help them make the most of their visit.

Executive Headteacher's PA

Here is this year's Executive Headteacher's Personal Assistant. Ms Maxwell has plenty for him to do, she really needs his help! He is responsible for assisting Ms Maxwell during lunchtime.  Jobs galore!

Rights Respecting Ambassadors

They represent the children in the school making sure they know about their rights and how we can do more to promote the rights of every child. They meet regularly with Rehana.

Head of School's Personal Assistants

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They are responsible for assisting Euan during lunchtime. They do their duty after they have eaten lunch and are always keen to help. 

Resource Manager's PAs

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Here is the Resource Manager's Personal Assistant. Lynn is very grateful for all that she does as she organises all the school's resources, a big job indeed. This PA is responsible for assisting Lynn during lunchtime with whatever extra help she needs.

Attendance Advocates

They are responsible for sharing the attendance data with the school, writing the attendance award cards, updating the attendance graphs and tables. They do their duty every Monday during assembly time and playtime.

Globe Gardeners

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We may not have much green space but our Globe Gardeners keep what we have healthy and blooming. They are responsible for the plants in the communal areas of the school. They do their duty at the start of lunchtime.

Quiz Managers


It's a big job marking the weekly quiz and our Quiz Monitors are very efficient. They are responsible for collecting and marking the KS1 and KS2 quizzes. They do their duty once they have eaten lunch.

Rights Respecting Playground Ambassadors



A very important job, making sure the game is played fairly and sensibly. Want to know how to play Kingball correctly? These four will show you and will make sure there are no disagreements. They are responsible for refereeing the Basketball and Kingball games. they do their duty after they have had lunch.

Recycling Managers

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Thanks to these children  paper goes into the recycling bins for the weekly collection. They are responsible for the recycling in the communal areas of the school. They do their duty at the start of lunchtime.

Social Media Manager/Photographer

This Globe student will definitely make sure that important moments are captured in assembly and photographs are displayed. Our Social Media Manager/Photographer is responsible for capturing the everyday events and the joy in our lives at Globe Primary School.  

Junior Librarians

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This team of children keep our library organised and work very closely with Laura, our Librarian. If you want a good book recommended, see them. They are responsible for keeping the library tidy, helping children choose, return and issue books. They do their duty after they have had 'first lunch'.

Computing Managers



Here are our Computing Managers, always ready to fix those frustrating computer problems during lunchtime computer club. They are IT wizards! Our Computing Managers help children who may have difficulties whilst using computers during lunchtime. They check that children are using the equipment correctly and are only going on websites that the school allows. They do their duty after they have had lunch.

Reading Leader's PA

Some teachers have asked for their own Personal Assistants. This helpful girl assists the Reading Leader in whatever way she can! She does her duty at the start of lunchtime and then goes to lunch after that. Doesn't she look efficient!

Display Managers

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This super duo are in charge of making sure our displays are tidy, attractive and well kept. They also design and put up some displays. The only children in our school who are allowed to use the Headteacher's staple gun (they have had training!). They are responsible for making sure all our displays are up-to-date and presentable in the communal areas of the school. They do their duty after they have had 'first lunch'.


Our journalists produce video news reports of the countless events happening around the school. They do their duty every Monday and Tuesday after lunch.

Assembly Ushers

 Our Assembly Ushers are responsible for supervising children during assembly as well as setting out and putting away the chairs and benches before and after assembly. They do their duty every assembly time.

Lunchtime Leaders

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This group of children bring classes to the dining hall and manage the salad, bread, water and dessert table. They are super organised and lunchtime would be chaotic without them!

 Early Years Leader’s PA

Their duty is to assist the Early Years Leader in whatever way they can. They do their duty after they have eaten first lunch.


Their duty is to assist the SENDCO Leader in whatever way they can and are also responsible for the maintenance of the resources. They do their duty after they have eaten lunch.

Early Years Lunchtime Assistants

They are responsible for helping the children learn in Nursery and Reception by talking and playing with them. They do their duty after they have eaten first lunch.

Assembly Assistants

 Our Assembly Assistant is responsible for assisting the adults leading the assemblies. She has many and varied jobs! She does her duty every assembly time.