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Our Family Support and Safeguarding Officer

Hello, my name is Gill Ruskin and I am the Family Support and Safeguarding Support Officer here at Globe School. At Globe we strongly believe that building strong, trusting relationships between parents and school will ensure that your children will be happy, enjoy learning and achieve their best.

Our school understands that many children and families experience difficult times which can place stress on home life. If you have worries about your child's learning, health or change in behaviour, it is always best to discuss these with the class teacher, the Assistant Headteacher, Lis Miranda, the Head of School, Terry Joy or Ms Maxwell, the Executive Headteacher as they will know your child and can work with you to address any issues. 

Sometimes, there are other problems that parents or carers need some help with.  I am here to listen and offer support. I work in a non-judgmental way and I know that families come in all shapes and sizes! 

If I can’t help directly, I am able to signpost or refer parents and carers to appropriate support. Here are just some examples of the things I can help with: 

Parenting Programmes

Parenting programmes are a source of support for all parents and carers, and support pupil attendance and behaviour management in schools.

Programmes offer an opportunity to share parenting experiences, develop a greater understanding of child development, build positive relationships and learn skills to deal with challenging behaviour.

In Tower Hamlets a range of parenting programmes take place in schools and community settings across the borough, Monday to Friday.

Professionals can refer with parental consent and parents and carers can self-refer.

Below you will find a parenting programme booklet, programme flyer and referral form.

Please email the Parenting Team if you would like further information or speak to a member of staff in school if you would like some support. 

TH Parenting programme Leaflet

TH Parenting Programme Booklet

Parenting Support Referral Form

Useful Information

Here are some agencies where support and advice can be accessed. 

Toynbee Hall - http://www.toynbeehall.org.uk/

Help with money issues, benefits support and housing issues. 

Bromley By Bow Centre - http://www.bbbc.org.uk/

Help and support with

  • welfare benefits
  • employment
  • housing and homelessness
  • council tax
  • debt
  • rent arrears
  • welfare

Jagonari Centre - http://www.jagonari.org.uk/

Women’s Education Resource Centre, helps with education, training and access courses back into work.

Citizen's Advice Centre - http://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/

For help and assistance in legal and law requirements.

Parent Activities

There are lots at Globe! We regularly have workshops and meetings about learning and in addition to these we have a series of ongoing activities and courses for parents. We are lucky to have a space dedicated to parent activities and support, Hartley House, just across the playground from the main school. It’s called ‘Hartley House’ after Bryan Hartley who was a School Premises Manager at Globe for over thirty years and who lived there with his family.

Parent Workshops to Support Learning.

Below you will find a list of all the activites for this term.

Parent Workshops - Autumn 2022


Please click here to take you to the Parent Workshops to Support Learning page.