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We are a 'cashless' school which means that we do not handle any cash for payments of school services. This includes Nursery lunch money, school clubs, trips, residentials and purchase of school book bags. All payments are made online through the website, scopay.com (see below). All parents must register to pay online.

Once registered you can use the same account for any children you have at this school, and for children at other schools which also use Tucasi secure scopay.com system.  


You can log on to your account using your existing username and password. Select the Link Accounts option from the Your Info menu heading and enter the unique online link code to add your Globe child to your account.

If you are new to our school then once your child has been admitted you will receive a letter about how to register as a new user. You then follow the instructions on the screen to enter your details and add the unique online link code when prompted.

Note: The online link code is for one time use only. It is not needed once the account has been activated.

The link to scopay.com is www.scopay.com/globepri-towerhamlets 

Our School App - SCHOOLPING

We use an app called SchoolPing to communicate with parents and carers. SchoolPing is a free app which sends instant messages straight to your smartphone. If you don't have a smartphone, you can receive messages by email or logging into your account on the web. 

We have stopped sending out paper newsletters and letters as this is a much more environmentally friendly and efficient method. The following is all done via the SchoolPing app.

Once you become a parent at Globe, you must supply us with an email address and that of any person in your family who you want to use the app (e.g. both parents, if grandparents look after your child, older brothers or sisters, your childminder etc) - anyone who needs to know what is happening at school.  

Once we have your email addresses you will receive a username and a password. You must download the SchoolPing app in the Play Store or App Store. The app is available for Android and iPhone. 

SchoolPIng - Help for Parents - a guide