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Our Vision

At Globe, our vision is that every child should be happy at school, enjoy learning and achieve their best. We have high expectations of all children and encourage them to have high expectations of themselves. We want them to be confident in their ability to make progress and be happy to have-a-go without worrying about making mistakes or getting things wrong.   

We believe this will encourage resilience and independence in their learning and in their relationships with each other.  

We are an inclusive school and as a staff, we work hard to provide high quality teaching for all so that children make progress in all that they do. We encourage them to try hard, to recognise and celebrate their successes and to stay optimistic when things don’t go according to plan, knowing that there is someone at hand to encourage and support them. 

We know that developing a positive attitude to learning is especially important for children with special educational needs and disabilities and we are constantly striving to find ways to overcome any barriers to their learning and well-being so that they experience a sense of success and share this with their families.

Click here to read the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information Report.

Click here to view a flow chart summary of how special educational needs is identified at Globe.

Click here to view the Local Authority's criteria for admission to our speech and language provision.

Click here for a summary flow chart of how children enter our speech and language provision.

Click here for the local Tower Hamlets Special Educational Needs and Disability Offer.

Our Accessibility Plan

We aim to make our school as accessible as we can to all learners, parents, staff and visitors. Please click the link below to view this year's Accessibility Plan.

Accessibility Plan 

Complaints Procedure for SEND Pupils

These are the  arrangements made by the governing body relating to the treatment of complaints from parents of pupils with special educational needs concerning the provision made at the school.

The normal arrangements for the treatment of complaints at Globe are used for complaints about provision made for special educational needs. We encourage parents to discuss their concerns with the SENCo to resolve the issue This can be done by contacting the SENCo, Fatema Master, directly.

If the issue is not resolved, please email the Executive Headteacher, Marie Maxwell directly on office@globe.towerhamlets.sch.uk.  If you feel the issue is still not resolved, then the Chair of the Governing Body can be contacted via the school office.

If the complaint is not resolved after it has been considered by the Governing Body, then a disagreement resolution service or mediation service can be contracted. If it remains unresolved after this, the complainant can appeal to the First–Tier Tribunal (Special Educational Needs and Disability), if the case refers to disability discrimination, or to the Secretary of State for all other cases.

 There are some circumstances, usually for children who have an Educational, Health and Care Plan, where there is a statutory right for parents to appeal against a decision of the Local Authority. Complaints that fall within this category cannot be investigated by the school.