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Remote Learning in the Early Years

The remote learning we provide is a suggestion and offers ideas. If you feel that the activity is too difficult or too easy, please adapt them to suit your child.  The Early Years Team is always available to answer any questions or have some suggestions ready to differentiate tasks. We are always here to help during this uncertain time.  Below you will find a summary of what we offer when children have to isolate  or there is a full lockdown.

Nursery Remote Learning Guide

Reception Remote Learning Guide


Daily Plans

Our Early Years team prepares daily plans that match the home/remote learning to the learning that is happening in school.  The plans are cross-curricular and include all areas of learning, many exciting activities and experiments, links to useful educational videos and inspirational photos to make it easier for families to follow the plan. The plans are differentiated between Nursery and Reception and are sent to every child in Early Years every morning. The plans are accompanied by PDF books of the week to read with your child.

An Example Nursery Daily Plan

An Example Reception Daily Plan

Additional Resources

Each child receives a pack full of exciting ideas to do at home during holidays and half-term breaks.  Here is an example 

February Half Term 2021 Holiday Challenges

Additional videos of stories read by your child’s teachers, additional information, educational links and ideas are regularly sent via the SchoolPing app.


Must Read Books

We love reading books and we believe in their power and their magic!  The Early Years Team compiled a list of essential reads that every child should read before they graduate from Early Years. Every Friday your child will receive a PDF version of the Must Read of the week and a pack with activities to do at home that are linked to the book. Snuggle together and make the reading time a very special time for your family!  Below you will find an examples. 

An example Must Read PDF

Activities related to the Must Read books

Must Read Helpful Questions - Spring 2


At Globe we prioritise well-being and we believe that Mindfulness is the key to provide your child with relaxation techniques and stress coping mechanisms, to support developing resilience and strong sense of self-confidence.

Every Monday your child will receive a pack via SchoolPing app with a link to a meditation or breathing session. The sessions are suitable for the whole family.  You will find an example below.

Weekly Mindfulness Task


Each family has access to your child’s Online Learning Journal where teachers upload photos of your child’s incredible learning achievements. You can upload photos and videos of your child learning at home. Your child’s teachers will comment on the home learning and provide additional challenges to extend your child’s learning at home.



 Daily Phonics Lessons - dB Primary for Reception Children

Every child in Reception has access to personalised and differentiated daily Phonics lessons, literacy and maths games. 

One to One Phonics Live Zoom Lessons

Over 25 children have daily one to one phonics lessons taught by teaching assistants, nursery nurses and teachers.  These last for 15/20 minutes. 

Reception Phonics Home Learning Overview - A guide to what is sent home

Zoom Story Time

Each day children  join a live Zoom story at 11.00 and enjoy listening to one of their teachers read a book.  It is a lovely social event where children can see their familiar adult and say ‘hello’ to their friends!


Your child’s Music teacher Corin has published many exciting videos of his songs on his YouTube channel. Not only are they fun and exciting to sing, but also they teach children how to sign in British Sign Language and Signalong.

To access the programmes and songs:


Children with Special Educational Needs & Disabiliites and Remote Learning

 Some pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), may not be able to access our remote education provision without support from adults at home.  We work with families to support those pupils in the following ways: 

All children with an Education and Health Care Plans are entitled to and urged to attend school during a lockdown period.

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Additional Resources:




Literacy and Books Online













 Physical Development




Mental Well-being and  Mindfulness






Zoom Protocols for Parents and Children

Click here to take you to our website page that we used during the  lockdown closure which has additional home learning websites you may find useful.